Our Point-of-Care diagnostic tools will use patented technology to analyze biometric markers in a single drop of blood, revealing important insights into patient health. When physicians need to make treatment decisions, our technologies are designed to provide them with timely health data they need.

The FibriLyzer™ is intended to provide a simple and affordable solution to assess the fibrinolytic status of patients in a broad range of applications; including surgery, trauma, orthopedics, heart, stroke and chronic coronary disease management. We believe the FibriLyzer™ could provide the basis for improved management of patients who are at-risk of uncontrolled bleeding. The MatriLyzer™ will be developed to detect the initial occurrence or the recurrence of cancer during routine office visits. The appearance of elevated levels of collagenase, the enzyme that degrades collagen, have been proven to be an early hallmark of cancer. For patients that have been previously treated for cancer (specifically, solid tumors), identifying if and when the tumor recurs is of paramount importance.