Our mission is to become the most trusted name in the CBD business.

At Exactus, we believe in the full transparency of our products, which is why we always provide third-party lab test results for each batch of CBD products we sell. The lab test results provide the consumer with specific information related to the cannabinoid contents of the product and showcase other significant factors such as the appearance, the color, odor, dissolution, and whether the batch meets microbial testing standards.

It is important for consumers to purchase CBD products from transparent companies, who support their products with credible lab tests. If you come across a company selling CBD that doesn't provide this information readily, perhaps they are unsure what's in their products or purposely don't want to inform their customers.

Green Goddess Extracts

Green Goddess Extracts is a highly regarded Florida contract manufacturer and formulator of hemp and vape products. Green Goddess manufactures and distributes a premium line of high-quality hemp products sold through distributors and online.

Green Goddess Extracts was established in 2017 in order to target CBD products to mass markets through distribution channels including convenience stores, vape shops, gas stations, and tobacco retail storefronts. 

Green Goddess has been successfully distributing its products through these channels and online at www.greengoddessextracts.com.