CBD Products

Our goal is to rapidly establish wholesale and retail sales channels for CBD end-products, as well as pet and farm products for animal health.

Exactus expects to offer a number of products including tinctures, edibles, capsules and topical solutions which we expect to begin marketing by the end of first quarter 2019.

Empowering Physicians and Guiding Patient Care

At Exactus, Inc., we are developing products to make actionable patient data available to healthcare providers in a way that is unmatched. We are addressing current healthcare gaps with our easy-to-use, portable devices that dramatically reduce the time required to return analysis on patient blood and collagenase activity.

Revolutionary Technology in the Palm of Your Hand

Our Point-of-Care diagnostic tools will use patented technology to analyze biometric markers in a single drop of blood, revealing important insights into patient health. When physicians need to make treatment decisions, our technologies are designed to provide them with the timely health data they need.


Measuring Fibrinolytic Activity

The FibriLyzer™ is being developed to provide a simple and affordable means to assess the fibrinolytic status of patients in a broad range of applications including surgery and trauma, orthopedics, heart and stroke and chronic coronary disease management. We believe the FibriLyzer™ could provide the basis for improved management of patients who are at-risk of hemorrhage, speeding treatment decisions and potentially improving patient outcomes and saving costs.

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What is Coagulation Cascade?

Once a patient suffers an injury and the blood coagulation (clotting) cascade begins, first responders and physicians must make treatment decisions that ensure the physiological process maintains a delicate balance. During the cascade, conditions could change significantly in minutes and cause fatal hemorrhaging or clotting. The ability for physicians to consider a patient's updated fibrinolytic markers in 30 seconds at the bedside is a game changer.

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Measuring Collagenase Activity

The MatriLyzer™ is being developed to detect the initial occurrence or the recurrence of cancer as an at-home monitoring device or during routine office visits. The appearance of elevated levels of collagenase, the enzyme that degrades collagen, have been proven to be an early hallmark of cancer. For patients that have been previously treated for cancer (specifically, solid tumors), if and when the tumor recurs is of paramount importance.

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