Exactus, Inc., is a healthcare company pursuing opportunities in two distinct business segments, Hemp derived Cannabidiol, which is more commonly referred to as CBD. Industrial hemp is defined by the federal government as having THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content of 0.3 percent or less. The company is also developing point of care diagnostics.

Pioneering Firsts in Point of Care Technology

At Exactus Inc., we're changing the game for Point-of-Care technology. We are developing for commercialization Point-of-Care diagnostics for measuring proteolytic enzymes in the blood based on a novel, proprietary detection platform. We are designing products with the potential to deliver rapid, actionable information to physicians in order to provide improved treatment decisions for patients, better health outcomes and long term reduction in healthcare costs.

Revolutionary Technologies that Address Gaps in Healthcare

Our scientific advances are working to put important health diagnostics into the hands of medical experts at the Point-of-Care. Our hand-held Point-of-Care diagnostic tools will analyze a single drop of blood using our proprietary biosensor technology.

A Transformational Approach to Measuring Blood Clotting Activity

The FibriLyzer™ is being designed to be an easy to use, handheld detection unit that uses proprietary technology to employ a disposable assay test "biosensor" strip. Using only a drop of blood, the device provides a readout of a patient's fibrinolysis status in as little as 30 seconds.

This technology will give attending physicians unprecedented access to actionable data during procedures where changes in fibrinolytic status can change quickly and that require rapid therapeutic response. The FibriLyzer™ is designed to be guide critical decisions about the treatment of patients during surgery, trauma and other conditions where patients are at risk of hemorrhage.

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Making Early Intervention Possible in Cancer Recurrence

The MatriLyzer™ is designed to be a mobile screening device that monitors collagenase levels over time. Using a smartphone app, results of the test would automatically be telemetered to the patient's electronic medical record, alerting the attending oncologist of a change in the patient's status, which may necessitate a more thorough examination. The MatriLyzer would be is the only at-home test for cancer recurrence of its kind.

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Experienced Leadership

Our leadership team includes technical experts and business leaders with a proven track record of developing and launching new products in the life sciences industry.

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At Exactus, Inc. we believe there are significant market opportunities for our medical devices in the U.S., Europe and throughout the world. Contact us with questions about our company, our products and possible partnerships opportunities.

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